Guide to the Best North Topsail Beach Wedding

Let nature lead the way

You chose a North Topsail Beach wedding to get married outside and soak up the sun and natural beauty of the island, so let Mother Nature lead the way in the style of your wedding. Consider the colors occurring naturally on North Topsail and build your palette around them. This includes keeping the season in mind too. It will dictate the color scheme of your wedding and flowers you use. Then, highlight the best part, which are your surroundings. Use a clear tent or certain location to show off the views and let your décor complement them. A North Topsail Beach Oceanfront Wedding planner can help you plan this to perfection.

Get permission (or a permit)

Check with your venue, local government, or wedding planner about having the proper permits. For example, if you are using the local park for a part of your event, make sure you have the proper documentation or permits. The same applies for the beach. Make sure you are covered so your wedding does not get interrupted or stopped before it starts because you did not have the proper documentation. Because North Topsail beach weddings are pretty popular the local venues, recreation departments, and government have policies and procedures in place. All you need to do is check and follow the protocols.

Transport your guests

You have planned the ideal North Topsail Beach wedding. You want to make sure your guest have a great time and stay safe. You can ensure this happens by having them transported around to the different wedding events. You may decide to rent a van to take them from the hotel to the rehearsal dinner and wedding. Alternatively you may decide to arrange for carpooling to and from weekend social events. In addition, you may decide to provide GPS devices and pre populate them. Whatever you choose, transport your guest to keep them on time, happy, and safe.

Be the ultimate host

This is your special day, but your friends and family have taken great strides to be here for you. Take measures to make sure they’re comfortable. If it is sunny and hot, do not let your guests melt. Have some ice-cold water ready, print your programs on fans, or offer up parasols for those seeking shade. If it is cold, have some hot tea or hot chocolate prepared ahead or time, or perhaps have hand warmers and blankets ready to go. If you are celebrating outside with no cover, consider an amenities basket. This includes things like bobby pins, bug spray, and suntan lotion. If bathrooms are not available on site, consider having high-end porta potties available. Little thoughts like this will make your guest comfortable and feel special, just as they have come to make you feel.

Inform the attire

Make sure to clue your guests on how to dress for your ceremony. For example, if your nuptials are a North Topsail Ocean Front Wedding, let your guests know to wear sandals. You do not want them to ruin expensive shoes they brought for this occasion. Make attire recommendations based on the location and temperature. Also make sure to let the local wedding planner dictate the attire too since they know best. If you are hosting an afternoon wedding in the garden, request suits, but not formal black tie. The same goes for your bridal party. Select seasonal appropriate fabrics that will keep your guests comfortable. Communicate all of this ahead of time so they can prepare and plan accurately.

Turn it up

If you are having the whole ceremony outside, make sure your mics are turned up so the crashing waves do not drown your voice out during your vowels or subsequent best man speech. Do the same for the DJ. You want your guest to be able to hear what is being said and played.

Create ambience

When saying “I do” outside, you will want to create a special atmosphere. Even indoor weddings do this. To make up for lack of electricity, you may want to have candles or a string of lights above the alter.

Keep guests safe

Make sure your location is secure. This includes making sure it is free of things like leaves, glass, or seaweed. In addition, make sure areas like bathrooms and parking lots are well light and have handicap access. This ensures a safe experience for your guest at your North Topsail Beach Wedding.

Feed the crowd

Make sure your food works with the outdoor element of your wedding. This means having a caterer who has experience with this kind of event. Also, decide if you want to feed the guest heavy food all at once or lite fare in bits and pieces along the way. For example, if there will be dancing in the sand, heavy fare will make that less enjoyable. Also, consider your cake. Make sure your baker makes the cake outdoor friendly so it stays in one piece and does not melt.

Give them a fun favor

Having a North Topsail Beach Wedding is special. So leave your guest with a token of your appreciation in the form of a take away that is local to the island. This could be embroidered sandals or a special glass with your wedding information and a picture of North Topsail Beach on it. This and the other tricks will ensure your North Topsail beach front wedding is an awesome experience!