Seven Keys to a Successful North Topsail Beach Wedding

A beach wedding would fall under the definition of a dream wedding for most couples. North Topsail Beach is the ideal place to have a wedding. That is because North Topsail ocean front beach weddings take advantage of everything the island has to offer from the peace. From the quiet local of the inlet, to the activities on the island, North Topsail beach is the ideal place to get married. What follows are seven keys to a successful North Topsail Beach Wedding.

1. Hire a Coordinator
This is your special day and you want everything to go off without a hitch. Thus, you will want someone local that knows North Topsail Beach. A North Topsail Beach wedding coordinator can help you plan out all the ins and outs of your wedding. They know how the island works; therefore they can recommend locations, times, restaurants for rehearsal dinners, and so much more. They can literally take the weight of the planning of your shoulders so you can enjoy your special day.

2. Time It Right
Afternoon North Topsail beach weddings can be great. However, they can also be hot. Consider your guest like children and the elderly. They may not be able to manage this heat, and it will make you sweat on your day to remember. Instead, try having your wedding at sunset or in the morning when the tide may be low, the temperature being just right, and you have a breeze coming in. If you cannot do that, and you must have it during the day, find a nice shady spot on North Topsail Beach or have a tent to provide cover.

3. Have Fun with Your Photos
Make sure to hire a professional photographer to take your pictures. You do not want any person who does not know how to get the proper light and angles handling this task. Having fun with the photos is also crucial. Shots with the beach in the background and waves crashing are vibrant. Also think of ideas like kicking up sand or the back drop of a local landmark to make the picture pop. Creativity in this arena can go along way to making your North Topsail beach front wedding great.

4. Dress the Part
This is not your typical wedding and traditional three-piece suits, tuxes, and ball gowns are going to become uncomfortable and drag the experience down. Men should consider light shirts with light pants. Women should think airy, light, and breezy. You want fabrics and attire that will let you breath and move without restriction. Most importantly, you want attire that will keep you cool!

5. Set the Mood With Food
A beach wedding is quite different from a traditional wedding or a wedding in a famous location. Therefore, you want the food to reflect the location. That means hiring local caterers who use the freshest food and local favorites to feed your guest. In addition, this can include a cake that is unique to the location in the form of its shape. A cake that has island like decorations, for example, can set a tone of fun and joy for you and your guests.

6. Find Flowers With Staying Power
Flowers tend to wilt and go bad quickly in heat. Consider consulting with a local florist who can help you with your floral arrangement. They will be able to direct you to the flowers that are not only local to North Topsail Beach, but they can help you choose flowers that will last while making your occasion seem bright and bountiful.

7. Have a Backup Plan
Being on an island means changes in weather conditions can happen rapidly. This does not have to ruin your wedding, however. Be sure to have a back up plan incase the weather does not cooperate. Rent one of the local North Topsail rental halls or rent a tent. Be prepared, but most of all, just go with the flow. You are getting married and professing your love for another. So, make sure your North Topsail Beach wedding is one to remember with this and the other seven keys.