Professional Outings in North Topsail Beach

Your employee’s work hard; they grind day in and day out through all types of projects and personal issues to make your company run.  So often, employees feel under-appreciated for all the hard work and extra hours put in to make your company a success.  Thus, a company appreciation gathering is a great way to show your employees how grateful you are for their hard work and dedication to the company. There is no better place than North Topsail Beach for a company retreat or employee appreciation day.

North Topsail Beach is a premier resort location on the northern part of a 26-mile long island.  Steeped in history and surrounded by nature, this is an ideal place to have a company outing- what better place to have it than on a beach!  There are so many activities in North Topsail Beach that will allow your employees to relax, release, and let go of the stress from the daily grind.

The Family Style Rental Villa
You will want to house your employees in one of the rental villas on North Topsail Beach.  The villas are filled with luxurious amenities to help build camaraderie and a family atmosphere for your staff.  This includes free WI-Fi, Xbox Live, and Netflix.  What better way to say thank you then gathering for a movie or game night during your stay and having some laughs and friendly competition.  In addition, the villas have pools, outdoor grills to for barbequing, top of the line sound systems, game rooms, fitness centers and many other options to ensure that your staff will have the best company appreciation gathering imaginable.

The Restaurants
Every good company outing involves good food, which is exactly what North Topsail Beach has to offer.  With restaurants such as The Breezeway and South End Outfitters, you can provide a top quality catered meals or casual dinners that will please everyone.  Your dinner will have the freshest local ingredients in some of the Island’s modern and historic dining structures.  Some have been around for over 50 years!  The great food will go a long way in showing how much you care about your staff.

The Sand, Surf, and Wildlife
You do not come to an island just to stay on the beach all day, but you come to an island to enjoy the surf as well!  Your North Topsail group outing will achieve just that.  The beaches on North Topsail are clean and the seas refreshing.  Your employees can surf, sunbathe, play a game of volleyball, or read a good book close to a nice ocean breeze.  In addition, your staff can take advantage of nearby Lee Island that is uninhibited and teaming with wildlife.  Or they can fish via the Marina.  This will allow them to melt away and attribute your company with positive memories for their tenure with you.

North Topsail Company outings have something for everyone.  From rental villas where you can let your staff play, laugh, and bond, to the beach where employees can sunbathe and take boat rides at sunset, this island has everything to make your next company appreciation gathering one for the record books.