How to Plan The Perfect North Topsail Beach Wedding

Dress Accordingly
Skip the big dress. A big dress belongs in a ballroom. Skip the big dress and go with one that will allow you to walk on the beach and take photos in comfort and style.

Think light. Dresses with lace trim can be difficult because they pick up debris from the beach. Instead, choose a lightweight fabric like chiffon or charmeuse so your gown flows in the ocean breeze.

Nix the veil. When marrying outside skip the long vial. It will be problematic for you and your photographer. Instead make your hair stand out with a floral piece.

Consider an updo. Consider a hairstyle that is bundled and will withstand the wind of the beach. If you have to wear your hair down, consider having a stylist on site with you to keep it looking great!

Ditch the heels. Sand and high heels just don’t mix. Wear shoes that won’t sink into the sand such as flat-sole sandals, espadrilles, or wedges. Have your gown hemmed with or without shoes, depending on which option you choose.

Avoid tan lines. You do not want tan lines or sunburn to ruining your big day. When at the beach or pool before you say “I do”, wear sunscreen. This goes for everyone in the wedding. You know what you are wearing in advance, so plan your bathing suit accordingly.

Let your guys go informal. Lightweight cotton pants or Bermuda shorts work best for guys for North Topsail Beach weddings. This is because tuxes and suits are too thick and formal for the beach.

At the Ceremony
Stay natural. You have the beach and ocean as your background. There is no need to dress it up. Instead, let the beauty of your North Topsail Beach Ocean Font Wedding be the highlight of the decorations.

Add color. To make your wedding pop, choose colors that contrast the sand. This contrast will make your wedding colorful and exciting.

Go local. Keep your caterers and other vendors local. Not only do they know North Topsail Beach weddings and how they work, but also they will introduce fresh and local customs and food to your event. Plus, they will be more respectful of the environment.

Get a permit. Research the required paperwork to hold your ceremony on the beach, especially if it’s public. Also make sure you inquire about noise ordinances as well.

Ensure privacy. You can do this on North Topsail Beach by having your wedding on secluded beach just feet from your rental villa. This will ensure you are uninterrupted by the public and can control your location better.

Prepare your guests. In the invitation let the guest know what will take place where. This will allow them to bring the right garb. Also prepare welcome bags with essentials like sun tan lotion and bottled water to help them acclimate to North Topsail more smoothly.

Time it right. You want to get the picture in the right light. So consider ending your ceremony an hour before sunset to get some great shots with the best light.

Set up a shoe station. Don’t let your guests spend the day with sand in their shoes. Provide a shoe check where guests can swap their shoes for flip-flops and wipe sand off their feet. It could include a bench, towels and a bucket of water to name a few things.

Provide shade. Consider setting up a canopy to allow for a shaded spot for guests who need to get out of the sun like the elderly or children. You may even want to provide fans for them to use too.

Offer Refreshments. It’s important to keep your guests refreshed. Ideas include a table with ice water, lemonade, or a signature cocktail that guests can enjoy while waiting for the ceremony to start.

Have a seat. Wooden benches, folding chairs, and waterproof ottomans are great choices because they’re heavy enough to withstand the ocean breeze.

Prepare for wind. A good rule of thumb on the beach: Anything that can blow away will. Weigh down or tie down anything that can blow away, like programs, and chairs.

Keep bugs at bay. Use insect repellent for yourself and provide it for guest. Just use a brand that will not stain clothing. Also consider repellent that hangs around an area to keep bugs out, but keep it classy and hide them behind something pretty.

Speak up. You want people to hear your beautiful vowels. Therefore, rent a wireless microphone to use during speaking portions of your North Topsail Beach Wedding.

Keep it short. Given factors like heat and audibility, limiting the amount of readings and performances during the ceremony.

Have a backup plan. Unfortunately, weather has a mind of its own, so be ready with a solid plan B.

For the Reception
Anchor decor. Wind can topple tall floral arrangements, blow out candles, and send other table elements flying. Use creative methods like a colorful tie that matches your décor to keep things on the tables. Or weigh down standing objects with rocks at the bottom where no one can see them. This will go a long way in ensuring your wedding does not get blown out of the water by wind.

Rent a powder room. If marrying on a public beach, find out if there are bathrooms. If not, hire an upscale portable lavatory for a few hours, especially if there will be lots of drinking during the reception.

Keep warm. Arrange for blankets, hot drinks, and hand warmers to keep guest nice and cozy as the temperature drops during the night.