Attractions in North Topsail Beach

North Topsail Beach attractions are a beauty to behold. They are unique to the island, and not found anywhere else. These attractions are perfect for a family vacation and they will absolutely take your breath away.

The Pirates Playground Luxury Villa
At 6,000 heated square feet with 9 bedrooms, and bathrooms, and the ability to sleep 43 people, the Beach House you would stay in is a sight to behold. Its design is beautiful, it’s amply sized, and the attention to detail is second to none. With an outdoor pool and direct access to the water, this is an attraction situated like none other. Plus, the amenities will have your neck hurting as you turn each corner of the Beach House to see them. From a six-person sauna to the interior professionally decorated by D’s Interiors, ceramic porcelain tile throughout the house by Prince Flooring, you will be amazed at the pure attraction value this households.

Town Park
This is no ordinary town park. When it comes to North Topsail Beach attractions, this is one to visit. Unlike a conventional park, everything is ocean side. This means you are going to have a backdrop like none other. You will feel the ocean breeze, hear the crashing waves, and perhaps see some sea wildlife like sea turtles come onshore. You can have a picnic, play in the tot lot, play basketball, play volleyball, or play horses. The attraction of course is that you are doing this ocean side. This is unique to the island, and you will be hard pressed to find it elsewhere.

The Town
The town itself is an attraction, and you can explore it by renting golf carts to drive through the streets. In the town you can drive by and explore the restaurants, shops, marinas, and other local businesses such as the skating rink and mini golf course. This adventure of seeing the town as an attraction will help you plan how you want to do all the things there are to do in North Topsail Beach.

The Beach and Pier
With only 500 year round residents, which swells to 7,000 visitors through tourist season, you can imagine the beach is a sight to see. This is not just because it is on the ocean, but also because it is somewhat secluded. The beach can be quiet, and it can offer views of wildlife, fishing boats, surfers, and more. Thus, when you come to North Topsail Beach for a family vacation, mark the beach as something to see. This includes the Jolly Roger Fishing Pier where you cannot only feel like you are in the ocean, but you can watch fisherman fish. This is an attraction you will not want to miss!

North Topsail Beach attractions are plentiful and will keep you busy and widen your eyes. From the magnificent beach house to the fishing pier on top of the ocean, you will have plenty of exciting things to see during your time at North Topsail Beach.