Rules while Staying at the Pirates Playground North Topsail Beach Villa

We want your stay at Pirates Playground Villa to be a pleasant one. We understand that you come to the beach to relax from the everyday stresses of life and ask that you be considerate of others, so that everybody can enjoy the splendor of North Topsail Beach.

Because Pirates Playground Villa is located in a community development (Galleon Bay), community rules are in place to ensure the peace, serenity and enjoyment of all guests, residents and owners.

Pirates Playground Villa is a nonsmoking house and pets are not permitted.

Rules are strictly enforced and violations may result in fines or surcharges being applied against the property owners. If a rule is violated by a guest of Pirates Playground Villa, any fine or surcharge applied may be passed on to the guest.

A copy of the house rules are posted at Pirates Playground Villa and are available upon request.



There is ample parking in the driveways and under the houses. All vehicles must be parked only on Pirates Playground Villa property, respectively, not on roads or common areas.


Boats and Trailers

Parking boats or trailers in the driveway, on the streets or on community property is prohibited. Off-site parking is available.


Trash Collection

Trash is collected on TUESDAY AND FRIDAY mornings from Memorial Day through Labor Day (Tuesdays only during off-season).

Trash receptacles may be put out on Monday and Thursday nights only. After trash pickup, trash receptacles must be promptly returned to an area of the property not visible from the street. Pirates Playground Villa guests are responsible.


Beach Dunes

There is a walkway to the beach. DO NOT WALK ON ANY PART OF DUNES. Walking on the dunes can erode them and put the island and property at risk during severe weather and high tides.


Decks and Walkways

Beach umbrellas, towels or other items may not be placed or hung on the decks or walkways. Please keep the decks and walk areas free from obstructions at all times.

A copy of the complete house rules are posted at Pirates Playground Villa and are available upon request

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